Aligning yourself with us can be a powerful way to expand your business.

Various ways how we can help you gain visibility.

A Dedicated stores page

You will have a dedicated page on the website where we will list your deals. It will appear both in the category and well as stores section.

Logo Presence in the Top 10 stores list

Your logo will appear in top ten popular stores. This will enable greater visibility and higher probability of receiving a click. If the visitor clicks on the logo, they will be directed to the deals pages.

Homepage Banner

The deal banner will run for 5 days at a stretch on the home page. It also has more power to educate the consumer and build trust for the brand.

Exclusive Deals

The store and the deal will appear in the exclusive deals section on the homepage.

Top Deal

The deal will be displayed on the home page as Top deal for a period of 5 days. It is the most effective and has maximum reach due to constant visibility.

Shop directly from store

This is a good option to increase traffic on the store. If the customers are not interested in any particular deal but still wish to visit the store, they can click on shop now button and will be directed to your shopping portal.

One Facebook post

We will promote your deal on our Facebook page, which helps faster brand building.

Presence in Munafa Blast

Deal presence for 7 days in the Munafa blast deal. This helps compliment your overall appearance and the style giving it a creative fliar.

Help Us Grow Your Business


  • Visibility on the website
  • A dedicated store page
  • Shop directly from store
  • Logo presence in the top 10 stores on the deals page.

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  • All Features of Bronze
  • Deals page will run for 5 days on the home page.
  • Exclusive deals on the home page for 5 days.
  • Presence in munafa blast

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  • All Features of Bronze and Silver
  • Top deals on the home page for 5 days
  • Added in the popular stores filter
  • One facebook post.

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