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What is is India's one of the new-fangled price comparison and coupons and deals website. Through members can save on regular purchases at any of our partner retailer. We bring together leading online stores and help buyers finding the right product for themselves, compare the prices, find best deals, while offering added advantage of Munafa points (like Cashback).
Do I need to buy products from to get Munafa Points?
No, does not sell anything. We take you to your favorite online retailer where you can shop from & Get Munafa points.
What is Munafa Point?
Munafa Points are just like Cashback. When a customer makes a purchase online through our website (rather than directly from the retailer's website), they get some Cashback points which is called Munafa points. This Munafa points may be a percentage of the purchase amount or it may be a fixed amount on purchases depending on the retailer.
How do I earn Munafa Points?
What does Pending, Confirmed, Approved, Cancelled Transactions Mean? / How long does it take to receive my munafa points?
When your order gets tracked by us, we mark it as pending. The order is normally tracked within 72 hours of successful order. Since the product remains in the Return or Cancellation period, the munafa points cannot be credited. This is because if you cancel the order, the transaction will be marked as cancelled and you will not get munafa points. Also in this period the munafa points is subject to change. Once the cancellation period is over, the retailer will notify us and we mark the transaction as Confirmed. This process could generally take upto 45 days from the last date of the Month you shopped in. For example, if you did shopping on 17th August, your transaction will be marked confirmed within 45 days from 31st August, i.e. 15th October. Once the transaction is confirmed the munafa points will not change and your transaction will be marked as Approved within 30 days from the confirmation. The munafa points will now show up as Available points and ready to be redeemed.
Why has my transaction got cancelled?
A tracked transaction may get cancelled on the following grounds :-
  • The purchase or a ‘part of purchase’ made by you was returned, cancelled or the order was amended.
  • The purchase got attributed to another comparison or cashback or deals websites due to the presence of their cookies in the browser.
  • You did not comply with the terms and conditions on the portal and/or the retailer’s website.
  • Cookies or Javascript were disabled on the browser.
  • The retailer has ceased trading or has gone into administration.
  • A voucher code not authorized by our portal was used during the transaction.
Retailers do not provide us any specific reason for the same. The retailer holds sole discretion in determining the validity of the Munafa point transaction.
I made a purchase but have not received any Munafa point. What can I do?
Please allow us at least 72 hours to track your order as we the retailers typically give us the information in 72 hours. Few retailers like Freecharge give us the confirmation in 15 days. However, if you still haven’t received the mail from us, please submit a missing Munafa points ticket within 10 days from the date of transaction. Any Missing Munafa points Claims will not be accepted after 10 days from the date of transaction. Sometimes, though rare, retailers fail to track a transaction on their end. After we receive transaction details from you, we can follow this up with the retailer, and endeavor to get your missing Munafa points. Unfortunately the retailer's decision is final and we will not be able to reverse it. Some retailers like flipkart, shopclues do not provide support missing transaction so any missing munafa points tickets in regards to these retailers will be marked as rejected.
How long does it take to resolve Munafa points enquiries?
Munafa points enquiries can take between 1 week to 3 months to resolve. Rest assured we will try our level best to resolve your missing Munafa points query as soon as possible. Remember our incentives are aligned with yours, and we only earn when you get paid a Munafa points. However as mentioned previously the retailer's decision is final and we will not be able to reverse it. Your enquiry will be marked as processing when you first create a missing ticket.On successful approval we will mark the same as approved and on rejection will be mark it as rejected.
Is Munafa Points Guaranteed?
Our service allows you to earn Munafa points on purchases from our partner retailers. To qualify for Munafa points, the retailer must Confirm that the purchase is tracked, genuine and successful (not returned or cancelled). The retailer holds sole discretion in determining the validity of the Munafa points transaction. We try our best to get your Munafa points from the retailer but Munafa points are not guaranteed. If the retailer does not track our source, we cannot credit any Munafa points for the same.
Why have been my Munafa points tracked at a lower amount than expected?
For some retailers, Munafa points are tracked at base rate and the same is automatically updated at the time of confirmation. You need not worry about this.
Where do I see my Munafa Points earnings?
Once logged in, go to your account overview. You can find summary of your account which displays the pending Munafa points, available Munafa points, Munafa points redeemed, total of earned Munafa points till date.
Which retailers can I save on? works with over 200 retailers, everyone from Jabong, Flipkart, Myntra, Dominos to Expedia. Just type the name of the product you want to shop on in the search bar, or browse through different categories to see the great variety of our retail partners.
How do I check if my favourite retailers are on
If you are looking for a specific retailer, just type their name in the search bar to see if we work with them. Alternatively, you can also browse through different categories in the menu, and click on whichever category you are interested in.
Can I use vouchers along with Munafa points?
Yes, for many of our retailers we have Munafa points offers and vouchers both. Most retailers pay the same Munafa points rate if you use a voucher code along with it. However, some retailers might pay a lower rate, and very few might not pay Munafa points at all if used along with a voucher code. These terms are clearly stated on the individual deal pages on the site so please ensure you check before transacting.
Can I visit the retailer directly, and just send you a receipt to get my Munafa points?
Unfortunately not! In order to earn Munafa points, you MUST register and visit the retailer via
What if I cannot find the product/ retailer I am looking for, or if I would like to suggest a new one?
Please feel free to Contact us and let us know which retailer you are looking for. We shall try our best to get them on our website! Visit our contact us page and drop us a message.
Do I need to pay to use the site?
Not at all. This is a free service offered by us and all you need to do is login and create your Compare Munafa account before you start exploring.
Why should I choose
We are the only website that seamlessly brings together, Price Discovery , Price Comparison and Coupons and Deals all under one shopping portal. In addition the customer earns Munafa points which can be easily for recharge, vouchers and even cash. It also enable you to set your desired price alert by analysing the trends across stores using price graph. We believe in making the overall shopping experience a delight for the customers, by helping them save Time, Effort and Money.
How do I contact your Customer Support team?
You can contact us by sending a quick message through our contact us page. Our Customer Support team is available Monday - Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. IST. We guarantee a 48 hour response time, though hopefully will get back on your request sooner than that.
How can I redeem Munafa points? Or What do I do with the munafa points?
Munafa Points can be redeemed in various options available in our redemption zone. Right now one can redeem Munafa points in following categories.
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Bank Transfer
  • Wallet Transfer
  • DTH Recharge
You can go to the redemption zone Click Hereand Check all the Options.
How much time will it take to process our redemption request?
We strive hard to make the process as quick as possible however, it may take 2 working days to process redemption request.
What is the conversion rate for Munafa Points?
We have different redemption slabs for each option, redeeming more points will give you incremental benefits. Thus, the conversion rate will vary according to the categories available under our redemption zone. So, please visit redemption zone Click Here for more information.

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